When you rely upon PLP Management to supply and support your rental housing in Grand Forks, North Dakota, you get much more than a home with a great location and design.

You also get the guarantee of consistently high-quality maintenance and upkeep. Our team roster includes our very own maintenance staff, which means you enjoy the most prompt and accountable service. Between regular walk-throughs and inspections, we always preserve our properties’ fine condition.

If you’re in need of upkeep at one of the PLP Management rental homes, don’t worry—it’s easy and straightforward to let our team know. You can use the “Maintenance Request” page to log into your tenant’s account and notify us of the issue. And you can always reach out to our office with a phone call as well.

We’re proud of our premium maintenance record. Sign on with PLP Management and benefit from our conscientious service, right off the bat!